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When you buy a Manhattan Apartment Condos, you buy a part of Manhattan Apartments Condos Real Estate. Today you have to make a choice: Buy or Rent Manhattan Apartments Condos, Buy or Sell Manhattan Apartment. Your success depends on our knowledge. We are Manhattan Apartments Condos Experts who will give you the inside view on Manhattan Apartments Condos Real Estate market.


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  • 985 Park Avenue Manhattan NY 10028
    When it comes to featuring the best in luxury apartments found among Upper East Side condos, 985 Park Avenue in the Upper East Side is a shining example of prime Upper East Side real estate.
    From: $2,250,000
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  • The Forward Building, Manhattan, NY 10002
    RENTALS ONLY The Forward Building is a historical landmark on the Lower East Side. Having once housed the first Jewish language newspaper, it is now a pre-war conversion that moves Manhattan condos into a modern future. The apartments for sale at 175 East Broadway have very...
    From: $1,000,000
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  • The Residences at 400 Fifth Avenue in Midtown West
    The Residences at 400 Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan is located at 400 Fifth Avenue. This prime piece of Midtown West Real Estate is conveniently located to all that Manhattan has to offer. It combines the best amenities of a hotel with a top quality condominium. The...
    From: $1,400,000
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Luxury Apartments of Manhattan Real Estate.

Some of the most popular Luxury Apartments in Manhattan is found in Murray Hill, Clinton, East Village, Gramercy, the Upper West Side, and the Upper East Side.Don't forget Midtown East and Midtown West. As such, working with a qualified agent can help you sort out the plethora of Manhattan properties to find a home tailored to your lifestyle. Depending on your preference, you may wish to take a tour of an upscale neighborhood like Carnegie Hill or the cozy and bohemian Manhattan Condos in Greenwich Village.

Wherever you go throughout the world, people find that Manhattan is believed to be the center of the financial world. Manhattan is the most highly populated and oldest of New York City’s boroughs, but it also unites the financial industry with a rich cultural tradition and extensive commercial enterprises. New York City is known as the place that hosts the United Nations and is home to NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange, contributing to the many reasons that Manhattan’s economy is vigorous during a time when the rest of the country is in recession. The fact that the population is highly diverse in an area where the cultural attractions are abundant adds to what makes Manhattan a vivacious place to be. For all of these reasons, business professionals and families of all sizes are seeking Manhattan apartments.

With so many apartments for sale in Manhattan, it would only be advantageous to people to seek help from NYC real estate agents who have the latest technology at their disposal. This helps to decrease the amount of time it takes to find the right properties. Our office fits this description because our NYC real estate agents are highly informed about the latest technologies as well as the latest real estate trends. Because of this, our clients will be the first to learn about the newest listings and other real estate-related information for Manhattan apartments for rent. Because of our extensive expertise, we know that those seeking luxury apartments for sale in Manhattan demand that they receive the most up-to-date information so that they can obtain everything they are looking for in a property.

Finding the perfect Manhattan apartments is not easy when people attempt to do this on their own. The current recession is making it difficult for people to purchase luxury apartments for sale in Manhattan because the United States real estate market has taken a beating lately. During these times, people seeking Manhattan apartments for rent need the help of experts who have years of experience and extensive training in the real estate arena.

Hiring one of our NYC real estate agents to help you locate apartments for sale in Manhattan is as easy as picking up the telephone and calling us at (646)459-4303. When people first talk to our agents, they are pleasantly surprised at how much enthusiastic attention our agents give them in helping them make their dreams come true. We are serious about making our clients happy, and we can help you whether you need to sell a home or purchase a new property. We will go so far as to promise something to you. If you are selling your home, we guarantee that you will receive the highest possible bid for your property.

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The allure of living in NYC is palpable. The city stands like a beacon of art, culture, and industry, its towering titans flanked by shimmering rivers and the tangerine haze of the coming dawn. It is home to a range of culinary delights for both the proletariat and the bourgeois, with world class restaurants competing with the sweet but simple smell of a grilled hot dog. There are Manhattan apartments and Manhattan condos are within walking distance of beautiful Central Park, where nature and serenity lay quiet in the eye of an industrial hurricane. NYC wraps around you like a dream, a paradise of delights and inimitable wonders.

As part of a burgeoning financial district, Manhattan apartments also represent an opportunity. Being close to some of the world's most influential businesses provides a terrific starting point for finding employment, professional contacts, or networking your own business. Whether you are in the market for waterfront property, luxury buildings, or prefer the stunning vistas available from the balconies of Manhattan condos , there is no shortage of excellent real estate . Contact a local agent today and discover the wonder and opportunity that Manhattan apartments provide.We are the group of Manhattan  Real Estate Experts and we provide Real Estate Services such as Selling, Buying and Renting.

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People expect a first-class hotel to have wonderful amenities for guests, and residents of the apartments for sale NYC at the Gramercy Starck can expect the same thing. This residence fosters a sense of community with several separate common areas that are gorgeous and functional. The lobby greets residents of the best Manhattan apartments for sale and gives them a place to entertain visitors or chat with neighbors. Residents of these luxury Manhattan apartments also have a rooftop terrace where they can mingle with fellow residents. It makes it possible for people to enjoy greenery without having to leave a building that is located in the middle of the city. When residents peer outward, they see the East River and the striking Manhattan skyline. When the weather is good, future residents of these apartments for sale NYC will be able to enjoy a drink and reflect upon their days by themselves or sit and have pleasant conversation with friends and neighbors.

People are seeking luxury Manhattan apartments that are gorgeous and are also functional. If this is your plan, you must visit the condominium homes at 56 East 13th Street in Greenwich Village that are located in a building that was just recently renovated. The Beau Arts Building was constructed in 1906, so it was built in the manner of other pre-war dwellings in this area. This means that the building has the glamour of a pre-war construction, so you can expect the apartments for sale NYC to exude that type of character. Because of the renovation, the building also has modern conveniences, such as Internet connectivity, a heating system, air conditioning and security.

“Superior Ink” is an interesting name for a condominium building, but it makes sense when one considers the history of Manhattan. The land where these Manhattan condos were constructed is where the Superior Ink factory used to stand. The building received LEED Silver Certification, so people can be assured that it is a “green” building, and it is proof that just because a condominium building is in the Meatpacking District, this doesn’t mean that it cannot offer residents cultivation and class. The West Village where these apartments for sale NYC can be found is surrounded by cobblestone streets, and the Superior Ink is one of the best examples of delectable real estate in the Meatpacking District.

After stepping into the Manhattan apartments at Park Avenue Place, people know that they are going to be treated to a purely ostentatious experience that those seeking the most exclusive living spaces would expect. To learn whether this is true or not, you only need to walk into the kitchens of these apartments for sale NYC. It’s true that other buildings in Midtown East have great amenities, but you will only find upscale European cabinets that match the black granite countertops perfectly in the Manhattan condos of Park Avenue Place. The recessed lighting that illuminates these gorgeous countertops is hidden from view, and those who are unaware of this fact believe that something magical is happening as you turn your lights on and off.

40 Bond St
Developers have one way to ensure that their new buildings will come as close to perfection as is humanly possible. They must hire the firm Herzog and de Meuron to design their buildings. Herzog and de Meuron is the firm that designed some of the most notable and breathtaking buildings in the world, including London’s Tate Modern Museum and the main stadium that would be used to host the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The building at 40 Bond Street is located in NoHo in the most highly coveted area in Manhattan, and it was exactly the place for these new Manhattan apartments that are currently for sale. It was the only place to have Manhattan condos that could put a smile on the face of the most discriminating customer.


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