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Upper East Side Manhattan Apartments Condos For Sale NYC

  • Merritt House
    A building that has the distinction of standing out as a pre-war construction and presents a sense of modernity and luxuriousness is the Merritt House condo on 167 East 82nd Street. The Merritt House in the Upper East Side was listed recently because it has just been...
    From: $860,000
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  • 1055 Park Avenue
    Some of the most unique Condos in the Upper East Side Real Estate market can be found at 1055 Park Avenue in the Upper East Side(recent sales). As you approach this structure, the glimmering glass windows of this exceptional Condo Building give a wonderful first impression...
    From: $3,850,000
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  • 1200 Fifth Avenue
    1200 Fifth Avenue in the Upper East Side has one of the top condominium locations in all of New York City. These unique condos are currently available for purchase in the Upper East Side Real Estate market.
    From: $1,325,000
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  • 1280 Fifth Avenue
    A superb location and elegantly designed units make 1280 Fifth Avenue a gem of the Upper East Side Real Estate market. The building has an incomparable Manhattan location. It is build over the Museum of African Art and is right across the street from the gorgeous Central...
    From: $595,000
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  • 170 East End Avenue
    Yorkville Luxurious condominiums are available for purchase at 170 East End Avenue in the Upper East Side. These upscale properties are some of the best Upper East Side Real Estate listings for families.
    From: $1,495,000
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  • 180 East 93rd Street
    For those individuals looking for a truly unique residential experience among Upper East Side condos, look no further than the 180 East 93rd Street condo. Among the elite Upper East Side real estate jewels, 180 East 93rd Street in the Upper East Side stands apart as a...
    From: $4,500,000
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  • 300 East 79th Street
    When a person goes looking for a luxury condominium combined with classic Upper East Side real estate elements, the 300 East 79th Street condo is sure to fit the bill. Among Upper East Side condos, 300 East 79th Street in the Upper East Side offers an incredibly varied...
    From: $1,390,000
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  • 515 East 72nd Street
    Those looking for a new home to purchase will be pleased to be introduced to the luxurious Miraval Living in the Upper East Side at 515 East 72nd Street. This Upper East Side real estate can be found on New York City’s East River with a spectacular view of the river and...
    From: $650,000
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  • 740 Park Avenue
    When world-renowned architect Rosario Candela built the 740 Park Avenue condo, he might not have known that it would become one of the most prized parcels of Upper East Side real estate. However, unlike other Upper East Side condos, 740 Park Avenue in the Upper East Side...
    From: $23,000,000
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  • 949 Park Avenue
    In the exclusive world of Upper East Side real estate, the 949 Park Avenue condo stands apart as a shining example of combining classic elegance with contemporary creature comforts. 949 Park Avenue in the Upper East Side is one of the most prestigious address among Upper...
    From: $6,750,000
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  • 985 Park Avenue
    When it comes to featuring the best in luxury apartments found among Upper East Side condos, 985 Park Avenue in the Upper East Side is a shining example of prime Upper East Side real estate.
    From: $2,250,000
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  • Azure 333
    The Azure condo is one of the new additions of Upper East Side real estate that was created with an eye on attracting only the most discriminating of residents. Azure in the Upper East Side separates itself from other Upper East Side condos by the unique approach that SLCE...
    From: $775,000
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  • Barbizon 63
    The moment someone sets eyes on the Barbizon 63 condo, it becomes obvious that this is no ordinary piece of Upper East Side real estate. While other Upper East Side condos have similar locations, only Barbizon 63 in the Upper East Side carries the impressive pedigree that...
    From: $1,295,000
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  • Casa 74
    The Casa 74 condo is one of the most stunning new constructions found in the Upper East Side condos. Casa 74 in the Upper East Side is a towering 30 stories, shooting skyward among the other examples of Upper East Side real estate.
    From: $1,795,000
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  • Ceilo
    Residents of New York have a new condominium building to consider in the Upper East Side at 450 East 83rd Street. The outside of the Cielo in the Upper East Side presents a luxury building that exerts an energetic presence that also suggests that the Cielo condo is a...
    From: $649,000
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  • Georgica
    When it comes to truly glorious living, few of the Upper East Side condos hold a candle to the impressive Georgica condo. Georgica in the Upper East Side is the embodiment of what it means to live the best life possible in New York City. There are countless examples of...
    From: $1,850,000
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  • Isis
    The Isis condo is a new construction condominium with a choice Upper East Side real estate address. However, Isis in the Upper East Side is far more than just a premium location situated in a sweet Upper East Side real estate spot.
    From: $2,570,000
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  • Maison East
    Maison East in the Upper East Side, situated at 1438 Third Avenue, offers new luxury apartments for people with discriminating tastes, and they can be found on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
    From: $839,000
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  • Manhattan House
    The Manhattan house in the Upper East Side now has new luxury apartments ready to be purchased at 200 East 66th Street. The Grace Kelly-inspired Upper East Side real estate retains its original architecture, but it has also been renovated as a contemporary design where it...
    From: $1,350,000
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  • Stanhope
    The Stanhope in the Upper East Side offers some of the most extravagant Upper East Side Real Estate properties in New York City. The building, located at 955 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, was formerly known as The Stanhope Hotel.
    From: $12,495,000
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  • The Brompton
    Upper East Side Manhattan has a new building offering luxury condos called the Brompton condo, and it can be found at 205 East 85th Street on the Upper East Side. The Brompton in the Upper East Side is a building 20 stories high that blends contemporary architecture with...
    From: $699,000
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  • The Charles
    Amongst the extravagant parks and Museum Mile of the Upper East Side people will find the newly constructed Charles condo at 1355 First Avenue on 72nd Street, a condominium that will be the model for condominiums in the Upper East Side for years to come.
    From: $1,450,000
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  • The Laurel
    The Upper East Side has a new condominium building at 400 East 67th Street called the Laurel where luxury can be purchased right at this very moment. The Laurel condo is the type of building where people with the most active lifestyles will be most comfortable.
    From: $850,000
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  • The Legacy
    Uncommon Upper East Side real estate goes by the name the Legacy, and future residents will find these luxurious Upper East Side condos in a prime location at 157 East 84th Street.
    From: $5,095,000
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  • The Lucida
    A chance to own a new luxury condo has presented itself at 151 East 85th Street in New York City’s Upper East Side. The fact is that the Lucida condo is more than just luxurious, it is also green.
    From: $5,400,000
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  • The Mark
    Extraordinary Upper East Side real estate has just begun selling opulent apartments at the artistically beautiful location of 25 East 77th Street at Madison Avenue. The building is called the Mark condo, and it is a strikingly elegant place to live.
    From: $8,650,000
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  • The New Yorker Condominium
    In the year 2006, builders converted the New Yorker Condominium at 1474 Third Avenue into a residential condominium. Its location, between 83rd and 84th Streets, places this Upper East Side real estate in one of the best spots in the city for Upper East Side condos.
    From: $1,795,000
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  • The Omni
    Fabulous Upper East Side condos are currently for sale at The Omni in the Upper East Side of New York City. A prime Manhattan location makes these some of the most popular listings in the Upper East Side Real Estate market.
    From: $429,000
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  • The Touraine
    Upper East Side Real Estate buyers who expect the best will be thrilled to hear that The Touraine is currently under construction. This new post-war mid-rise condominium building is scheduled to open in summer or fall of 2012.
    From: $13,676,000
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  • Trump Park Avenue
    Trump Park Avenue has a legendary reputation for offering some of the finest Upper East Side Real Estate properties. This coveted address combines classic pre-war architectural details with modern conveniences and luxurious finishes.
    From: $1,369,000
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  • Twelve Twelve
    The Upper East Side Real Estate market is proud to offer listings on one of New York City's most respected streets, Fifth Avenue. 1212 Fifth Avenue in the Upper East Side is home to luxurious, modern condos that will please even the most discriminating purchaser.
    From: $920,000
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  • Wellington Tower
    Wellington Tower has listed exceptional condos on the Upper East Side Real Estate market. The building's prime location at 350 East 82nd Street in Manhattan makes these Upper East Side condos highly coveted and desirable.
    From: $435,000
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People seeking a new home to purchase will find no better place to do it than the Upper East Side. The chicest area in New York Real Estate is the Upper East Side, and its opulence and wealth make it the only place to be. What makes Real Estate on the Upper East Side so appealing is the fact that it only lures in the most prosperous people

New home hunters will find Apartments for Sale Upper East Side between the famous Central Park and the East River; it also borders 96th and 59th Streets. The Condos Upper East Side Manhattan make people think of a great deal of money when they seem them, and it is no wonder that the likes of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and the Olsen twins are common fixtures in this area. When people Buy Condo Upper East Side, they will find that they are living amongst a diverse group of people that was the home of many celebrities, such as the Marx Brothers, Eleanor Roosevelt, Woody Allen and P. Diddy. It must be understood that Apartments for Sale Upper East Side do more than attract those in the entertainment field.

Condos Upper East Side Manhattan are located near what is called, “Museum Mile,” a mile-long stretch of property on Fifth Avenue of the most renowned museums in the city. Those who Buy Condo Upper East Side will be very close to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the Czech Center New York, the Guggenheim Museum and the Jewish Museum. Those closest to Carnegie Hill can boast of living near the City Museum of New York. People living in Condos Upper East Side Manhattan even have the Frick Collection nearby, a place where they can get to know the work of European artists and sculptors.

Aside from the best museums, people who decide to  will also be close to the best dining in the area. They will be able to enjoy the sight of the finest co-ops and hotels minus the unsightly view of driveways and front yards that interfere with the landscape. One of the best neighborhoods to be in for its diversity is Yorkville, where a sense of history continues to prosper. What makes Yorkville so special is the fact that so many different groups of people, Czechs, Germans, Hungarians, Irish, Jewish, Lebanese, Polish and Slovaks, were able to live together in harmony throughout the 19th and the 20th Centuries.

People considering purchasing Apartments for Sale Upper East Side must not forget the ostentatious boutiques and shops they will find on Madison and Fifth Avenues that seem to call out to them personally. These shops, including Valentino Boutique, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan New York and Calvin Klein, dazzle shoppers as they walk through the streets. In this area, people-watching is just as entertaining a pastime as shopping!

Those seeking a new home must not neglect to visit the Upper East Side. The amenities, fabulous shopping and the close proximity to nature make it one of the finest pieces of real estate around. Manhattan is one of the most unique areas in the country to purchase a home. For More Info Contact Your Manhattan Expert:New York City NY Buy Or Rent Condominium Apartment


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These condos for sale in Manhattan are fashionable as well as delightful. The windows are so large that each unit receives a copious amount of comforting natural light, and the floors are made of brilliant hardwood. These homes also have private balconies, and they make it easy for residents to take in the fresh air without leaving home. Although people can be assured that they will find the most modern conveniences, these apartments for sale in Manhattan also present a certain amount of historic charm. Every home has a delightful fireplace, and they have powder rooms too. The cook in the family will love the first-rate appliances in the kitchens as well as the beautiful fixtures and custom-made cabinets. Residents will even be able to chill their wines in their very own wine coolers. These Manhattan apartments will impress new residents with their extravagance and character.

People visit New York City all the time, and they do so for all kinds of reasons. For some, this is the only place to be to introduce a new product to the world. It’s also the best place to embark on a new advertising or marketing campaign. The reasons that people will need to come to New York are endless, and so many of these people will be in the market for apartments for sale in NYC. This city has an interminable supply of luxurious Manhattan apartments for sale, so visitors will not be disappointed when seeking opulent Manhattan apartments for their visits.

A new building was constructed on the New York NY Real Estate Upper East Side, and it is satisfying the needs of those who are seeking the optimum in New York NY real estate. The new luxury apartments NYC Manhattan for sale are located in an edifice called “the Touraine,” and they are in a building that opened just recently last year. This mid-rise dwelling has 15 stories and a total of 22 opulent condominium homes. The illustrious Toll Brothers are the developers of these NYC Manhattan apartments for sale, and they have extensive experience bringing luxury condominium homes to the Upper East Side. This particular building has Manhattan Apartments Condos that are affluent, located close to everything meaningful in New York City and replete with the best modern conveniences.

People can take for granted that when they visit the Trump Park Avenue condominium building, they are going to see first-rate apartments for rent in NYC. The building was constructed before the war, but these Manhattan apartments must not be thought of as old-fashioned and out-of-date. Located on a street that most people would die to live on, these NYC apartments for sale have every modern convenience that luxury residences must have.

The New Yorker located at 1474 Third Avenue received the honor of being converted into a residential condominium building in 2006. This building is situated between 83rd and 84th Streets, and this means that the Manhattan apartments for sale in the New Yorker are in a highly stylish area of the city. Unlike with other buildings, these Manhattan apartments for rent are not in a building that is open to the street. On the contrary, these Manhattan apartments are contained within a plaza in the rear portion of the property.


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