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Tribeca Apartments Condos

  • 101 Warren Street
    The intricate façade at 101 Warren Street in Tribeca is constructed with an outer sleeve of paired vertical Jura stone beams separated by sections of 4-foot tall glass. Positioned in front of a recessed glass curtain wall system, the space created between the outer sleeve...
    From: $1,490,000
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  • 200 Chambers Street
    200 Chambers Street in Tribeca is home to 258 luxury residences. Tribeca real estate is one of the most prestigious, sought-after realty in Manhattan. The 30-story, sophisticated glass and steel structure is a foretaste of the benefits a 200 Chambers Street condo owner will...
    From: $910,000
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  • 250 West Street
    The condominium conversion at 250 West Street in Tribeca blends pre-war architectural detail with a modern, lavish approach emphasizing form and function. This 250 West Street condo development, originally a warehouse built in 1906, is now home to 111 Tribeca condos. The...
    From: $1,400,000
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  • 5 Franklin Place
    Located in lower Manhattan, 5 Franklin Place in Tribeca is a new condominium development designed by award winning architects whose goal is to preserve the architectural integrity of the neighborhood with a modern twist. Five Franklin Place will offer 58 luxury living...
    From: $2,095,000
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  • 50 Franklin Street
    50 Franklin Street in Tribeca is technically in the Tribeca real estate area, but these Tribeca condos are also at the crossroads of SoHo, Nolita and Chinatown. Developers wanted to offer potential buyers an economic alternative to the highly-priced real estate offered in...
    From: $1,050,000
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  • 52 Thomas Street
    The condo development of Manhattan Apartments at 52 Thomas Street in Tribeca is typical of the commercial store-and-loft structures within the Tribeca real estate boundaries. The ground floor base is framed by storefront piers of gray stone. Above the base is a simple but...
    From: $1,750,000
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  • 77 Reade Street
    The builders of 77 Reade Street in Tribeca have successfully grafted a modern, sophisticated residential space to an existing 1852 store-and-loft warehouse. As a through-block project, these Tribeca condos consist of a completely new 7-story limestone structure adjacent to...
    From: $993,000
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  • Diamond On Duane
    The Diamond on Duane in Tribeca is a through-block building with two entrances. The main lobby is accessed at 137 Duane Street, and the second entrance at 66 Thomas Street is where Diamond on Duane condo owners can use a private, keyed elevator entrance. Whichever street...
    From: $949,000
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  • One York
    The One York in Tribeca is an innovative, mix-use development resurrecting two 19th century brick buildings. This Tribeca real estate melding of past and present preserves the architectural integrity of the neighborhood while hinting at the elegantly appointed interiors....
    From: $3,050,000
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  • Reade57
    Tribeca real estate, highly sought and rarely available, can now count on the Reade 57 condo development to welcome new residents to this popular section of Manhattan. The Reade 57 in Tribeca, a neo-modern creation, shares the block with iconic 19th century cast-iron...
    From: $973,000
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  • Sky Lofts
    From: $48,000,000
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  • The Fairchild
    At first glance, the Fairchild condo at 55 Vestry Street appears as the rest of its 19th century neighbors. However, with the guidance of the Historical Preservation Commission, the Fairchild in Tribeca is a new structure that remains true to the iconic architecture of pre-...
    From: $3,512,000
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  • The Grabler Building
    The Grabler Building in Tribeca is the perfect example of late 19th century loft-and-store architecture in this iconic, historically-designated neighborhood. At 44 Laight Street, between Hudson Street and Varick Street, the sidewalks of these Tribeca condos still sport the...
    From: $2,175,000
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  • The Zinc Building
    The Zink Building in Tribeca is home to 21 luxury residences. Tribeca real estate is one of the most prestigious in Manhattan, and the Zink Building condo development features amenities equal to many of its upscale urban neighbors. The seven-story, free-standing glass and...
    From: $1,110,000
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  • Tribeca 5
    Tribeca 5 in Manhattan, located at 283 West Broadway, is a gem in the Tribeca Real Estate market. This unique building combines the style of a classic pre-war structure with the flair of contemporary design.
    From: $2,400,000
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  • Tribeca Space
    Tribeca Space in Manhattan is one of the most unique Manhattan Apartments buildings in New York City. These Tribeca Condos are actually a collection of several pre-war buildings that have been marvelously updated into some of the top Manhattan Condos for Sale in the Tribeca...
    From: $2,149,000
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  • Tribeca Summit
    Tribeca Real Estate buyers are sure to be thrilled with the Manhattan Condos for Sale available at Tribeca Summit. This historic building is a landmark in the stylish Tribeca neighborhood. The pre-war Tribeca Summit Condo building is located at 415 Greenwich Street in New...
    From: $3,505,000
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  • Tribeca Townhomes
    16 Warren Street Buyers who are passionate about environmental responsibility can find their new homes at Tribeca Townhomes in Manhattan. These new Tribeca Real Estate listings are located at 16 Warren Street in New York City. The unique Tribeca Condos provide an upscale...
    From: $6,250,000
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The Lure of TriBeCa

Anyone who is looking to find the most contemporary living environment in New York City need look no further than the condominiums in TriBeCa . The TriBeCa area (an abbreviation for "triangle below Canal Street") is one of the few areas in the country that has lost none of its original coolness. At one time, the area was nothing but sprawling industrial warehouses, but times changed and the artistic element for which New York City is famous arrived and started turning ugly industrial buildings into TriBeCa lofts and TriBeCa apartments .

The irony of the condominiums of TriBeCa being one of the most exclusive and sought-after parcels of real estate for what was once nothing more than brooding factory warehouses is not lost on native New York City residents. Despite the fact it has become one of the most desired areas of the city, TriBeCa has retained its sense of unique identity. Even as new construction luxury condominiums are erected, the overriding impression visitors to the TriBeCa lofts and apartments get is one of refined artistic chic.

Although there was a slight period in 2001 where the area suffered a downturn, government grants and savvy investors saw the need to quickly undertake new construction luxury condominiums for a region needing an economic boost. That need disappeared rapidly, however, and once the TriBeCa film festival was established, the real estate in the area shot through the roof.

Artists from around the world come to New York in hopes of landing the opportunity to live in a TriBeCa loft or one of the more exclusive TriBeCa apartments . In keeping with making sure that the property values do not decline, developers of many of the new construction luxury condominiums work closely with local residents to make certain that the carefully cultivated aesthetics are maintained. This unique approach to melding residential input with developer needs allows the TriBeCa area to appear both contemporary and timeless.

One of the reasons it has become difficult to find condominiums in TriBeCa is the tremendous cachet attached to living in one of the most exclusive zip codes in the country. The artists and photographers living in TriBeCa lofts often spend their entire lives in the area, and in some cases, people have actually willed their TriBeCa apartments to relatives when they pass away. Those fortunate few finding condominiums in TriBeCa can be assured of an investment property that will truly stand the test of time.


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Manhattan Apartments News & Blogs

The podium is not the only impressive thing that people will find when they seek apartments for sale NYC in 101 Warren Street Condos. They will be introduced to the community’s own pine tree forest that can be accessed by walking through the building’s fitness center. This garden is known as the “forest floor,” and it has 101 evergreen trees from Austria. The point of building a forest in the middle of Manhattan was to offer future residents of these condos for sale in Manhattan their own private park and give them a place to escape from the city heat. Residents will find many interesting things within the forest, including a place to sit and enjoy the company of others as well as indoor and outdoor play areas for children.

If living in an environmentally friendly building is important to people, they will need to see what Tribeca Townhomes has to offer them. This new building with apartments for sale NYC has the Manhattan address of 16 Warren Street. When they arrive at this address, people will not be able to ignore the fact that the building’s designers have succeeded in marrying responsibility toward the environment with a truly luxurious and efficient living experience. These Manhattan apartments are not like any others, and they are ready to fulfill the needs of those who only want to purchase high-end real estate. These NYC apartments for sale are just a few steps away from public transportation, and residents feel fortunate that they have the finest dining establishments, impressive stores and boutiques and many cultural diversions right outside their front doors.

The Clement Clark was constructed before World War II, but people must not begin to think that these Manhattan apartments are not modern. Located in Chelsea at 140 West 22nd Street, these apartments for sale in NYC are at the top of every real estate agent’s listing. The owners of the building took the opportunity to give the outside of the construction a make over, but the inside of these NYC apartments for rent is even more lavish than the outside. The advantage of living in a building that was built before the war is that residents experience living in a quaint construction that also has the latest appliances and fixtures.

Buyers who are passionate about environmental responsibility can find their new homes at Tribeca Townhomes in Manhattan. These new Tribeca Real Estate listings are located at 16 Warren Street in New York City. The Tribeca Townhomes condo building blends environmentally friendly design with luxury and functionality. The unique Tribeca condos provide an upscale living environment for conscious buyers.


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