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Nolita Apartments Condos

  • 211 Elizabeth Street
    The building at 211 Elizabeth Street in Nolita presides majestically among historic Nolita real estate icons. This stately structure of prime Nolita real estate has remained architecturally true to its neighborhood but has been infused with a mix of contemporary details and...
    From: $2,795,000
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  • Mulberry House
    Consider a 290 Mulberry Street condo if you are looking to own an upscale loft apartment with a full floor to call your own. Manhattan’s historic Nolita community offers the finest in contemporary lifestyle. This Nolita real estate is distinctive, featuring subtleties in...
    From: $2,500,000
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Nolita Info


NoLita: Formally known as "North of Little Italy", Nolita is west of the Lower East Side, south of NoHo, but one of the best places in New York City for NYC Real Estate . Combining both the old and new of Manhattan's neighborhoods, NoLita is becoming increasingly hip and popular with those looking for a Condo for Sale . Although at one point in time, NoLita was Martin Scorsese's stomping grounds as well as being a setting for "Mean Streets", NoLita has undergone and a change and is now less Italian-American. 

In the early 1990s, NoLita first began to attract more and more young professionals, families, and artists. As a result,Nolita Real Estate opportunities began to grow. At this point, NoLita Condos for Sale can found in abundance in addition to homes and apartments; NoLita is becoming a hub for NYC Real Estate . Now a Condo for Sale in NoLita will feature surroundings of chic boutiques, cheese shops, sleek restaurants, cozy cafes, nightspots, and revered Italian bakeries. NoLita Condos for Sale are available in a staple nightlife of Manhattan. 

If one is going to Buy NoLita Condominiums , it's important to know NoLita's rich history. Originally home ot horse stables, carriage houses, and manufacturing buildings, NoLita's older buildings were eventually converted to condominiums and studios. If looking to Buy NoLita Condominiums , most of them are not new, but have been restored into what they are today. As a result, NoLita Real Estate has a charming, historical feel. Other architectural landmarks include the St. Patrick's Cathedral that has been around since 1815. Additionally, the Puck Building and New Museum of Contemporary Art are also considered NoLita landmarks. 

For the above reasons and many more, NoLita Real Estate is quickly growing to meet the demands of NYC Real Estate . Whether you want to Buy NoLita Condominiums or simply want to find a Condo For Sale , the NoLita Condos for Sale will not disappoint. Not only could purchasing a piece of real estate in NoLita be an excellent choice for the present, it can also pay off in the future. With such a promising future and its speed of growth, any properties purchased in NoLita should prove to be excellent investments for the future.

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290 mulberry st

The place to find aristocratic lofts is a building located at 290 Mulberry St. The amazing thing about these Manhattan apartments is the fact that each floor has only one unit. The NYC apartments for sale in this building fit in well in the Nolita community because although it is in a historic location, the architecture has present-day style. However, 290 Mulberry St. is not like all the other buildings most notably because of the strategic use of bricks in the architecture. These apartments for sale NYC are spacious, and this allowed the designers to work their magic over an extensive amount of property. It wouldn’t be difficult for you to think of the penthouse’s three balconies as belonging to you.

The building at 211 Elizabeth Street in SoHo presides majestically among historic SoHo real estate icons. This stately structure of prime SoHo real estate has remained architecturally true to its neighborhood but has been infused with a mix of contemporary details and luxury amenities. The 211 Elizabeth Street condo units housed in an elegant red brick structure with five soaring chimney towers atop its landscaped rooftop terrace are where classic New York apartment living marries refined SoHo luxury.


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