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Midtown East Apartments Condos

  • 211 East 51st Street
    If you're looking for luxurious, elegant Midtown East Real Estate, then look no farther than 211 East 51st Street Condo in Manhattan's Midtown East. 211 East 51st Street in Midtown East features some of the most beautiful and accomodating Manhattan Apartments. This...
    From: $810,000
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  • 212 East 47th Street
    Condominium conversions are an important part of New York City Real Estate. One of the latest condominium conversions is at 212 East 47th Street in Midtown East. This Midtown East Real Estate is located in Manhattan’s Turtle Bay neighborhood. The condominium building is...
    From: $700,000
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  • 330 East 57th Street
    Located at Midtown East, Turtle Bay, Upper East Side, 330 East 57th Street condo is prime Midtown East Real Estate. In the Sutton locality of Manhattan, New York, with a distinguished condominium tower, these Manhattan Condos for Sale are full service boutique Manhattan...
    From: $2,150,000
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  • 441 East 57th Street
    441 East 57th Street in Midtown East is a new development of town homes-style Manhattan Apartments that gives residents the best in modern living and smart home technology. Located in Manhattan’s historic Sutton Place neighborhood, the building showcases a stunning...
    From: $6,450,000
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  • 865 United Nations Plaza
    865 United Nations Plaza in Midtown East is one of the new Manhattan Condominiums for Sale. This Midtown East Real Estate is situated in a prime location. It is just walking distance from the historical United Nations Plaza and many other popular Manhattan hotspots. By...
    From: $1,195,000
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  • Olympic Tower
    With a name like “Olympic Tower,” a condominium needs to exemplify truly incredible living arrangements, and the Olympic Tower condo at 641 Fifth Avenue accomplishes that feat with ease. This monument to elegant living rises among the Midtown East Condos with an air of...
    From: $1,200,000
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  • One Beacon Court
    While there are many attractive examples of Midtown East Condos, few condominiums have the distinction of enveloping an entire city block of prime Midtown East Real Estate. One Beacon Court in Midtown East is situated between East 58th and East 59th Streets, and defines...
    From: $5,880,000
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  • Park Avenue Place
    Park Avenue Place-Luxury Apartments for Sale in Manhattan, at 60 east 55th Street, Midtown East, New York City NY  
    From: $1,625,000
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  • The Alexander
    Pay a visit to the new Manhattan Condominiums for Sale. The Alexander in Midtown East features the signature designs of Sydness architects, who laid the plans for this Midtown East Real Estate with openness and warmth in mind. See everything that The Alexander Manhattan...
    From: $3,250,000
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  • The Beekman Regent
    The Beekman Regent at 351 East 51st Street specializes in classic amenities that have been perfectly updated in a pre-war condo located in Midtown East. The classic interiors of these Manhattan Apartments have been fully renovated. This wonderful Midtown East Real Estate...
    From: $1,095,000
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  • The Capri
    From the canopied entrance and 24 hour doorman with full service concierge, to the elegant interiors of each one of these Manhattan Condominiums for Sale, the Capri is the perfect choice for condo living in New York. These 40 luxurious Manhattan Apartments offered by...
    From: $2,500,000
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  • The Plaza Residences
    Outside of Central Park in midtown Manhattan are the Plaza Residences, located at 1 Central Park South. The Plaza Residences in Midtown East manage to blend gorgeous historic building elements with modern luxuries, including furnished residences with Versace Home Collection...
    From: $1,145,000
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  • The St. James's Tower
    The St. James's Tower is Midtown East Real Estate located in Sutton Place in the most electrifying part of town. The Manhattan Condominiums for Sale in this towering building can also be described as electrifying because of the many luxuries and indulgences people receive...
    From: $1,499,000
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  • The Veneto
    Anyone familiar with Midtown East Real Estate knows that Turtle Bay Manhattan Condominiums for Sale are the place to live if you have made it in New York. If you’re a risk-taking entrepreneur who has succeeded, then you deserve to live in the most elegant and luxurious...
    From: $1,175,000
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  • Three Ten
    If wise homeowners build their homes on solid rock, then choosing a Three Ten Manhattan Condominiums for Sale is a wise move. The soaring modern glass tower built atop a five-story limestone base is a stunning addition to New York’s skyline and the Midtown East Real Estate...
    From: $1,550,000
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  • Trump World Tower
    If you’re looking for the best Midtown East Real Estate, look at Trump World Tower Manhattan Condos for Sale before any other options. This classy property of Manhattan Apartments has a stellar reputation across New York, the United States as well as the entire world. It’s...
    From: $1,095,000
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Midtown East Apartments For Sale Or Rent in Manhattan N.Y.


For anyone looking at New York NY Real Estate (search MLS), a number of extravagant areas of New York City fit the bill perfectly. Picture Broadway, glamour and trendy neighborhoods, then add a large dash of high class and a generous sprinkle of diversity. New York NY Real Estate is one of those places offering a surprising variety of neighborhoods, both old and new.

One of the big draws in the Midtown East area’s of New York NY Real Estate market is the Luxury Apartments For Sale in Manhattan. Looking within the Midtown East boundary lines, contained between Fifth Avenue, the East River, and 42nd and 57th streets, shows a blend of architectural styles. The area boasts skyscrapers, neighborhoods such as Turtle Bay, Tudor City and the Plaza District. They’re conveniently located near tourist attractions soaring heavenward such as the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Terminal and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The Manhattan Apartments in New York City's Midtown East are one example of something old being transformed into something new and stylish. Mixing in the eclectic nature of the neighborhoods with a 24-hour nonstop schedule makes a mixed environment that earns the title “The City That Never Sleeps.” Manhattan Apartments for Rent or sale in Midtown East include Sutton Place, one of the wealthiest streets in New York City. High profile residents including former New York Mayor Mario Cuomo and a number of prominent Hollywood movie stars have been among the well-to-do who lived in Sutton Place.

The asking price for some Midtown East Apartments for Sale in NYC begins at $800,000 and moves upward as high as $10 million and up. The multi-cultural quality of life is good, with plenty of shops, eateries and attractions. Plus, despite the abundance of tall buildings, city planners made sure to line the streets of Midtown East of  New York NY Real Estate with more than 2,000 trees.

Buyers in the market for Manhattan Condominiums for Sale are discovering the pre-war condo conversions in Midtown East side are spectacular. The Luxury Apartments for Sale in Manhattan are highly prized. There is a limited supply of pre-World War II buildings, and the trend towards rehabbing pre-war condos in Midtown East side makes them extremely popular. The ritzy Beekman Regent is one example. The building dates back to the Revolutionary War, and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Turtle Bay, which has older Manhattan Condominiums for Sale as well as newer construction, offers fine living in the city’s historic neighborhoods as well as other sought-after locations.

Other prized New York NY Real Estate includes Number 5, The Alexander and Tudor City.  With its contemporary lines and breathtaking view, Number 5 is a prime example of the east side's new construction Luxury Apartments for Sale in Manhattan. The Alexander, located in Turtle Bay, offers panoramic views of the surrounding neighborhood. Apartments in Tudor City feature lush scenery and scenes of the beautifully manicured street-level landscaping. The Midtown East side new construction Apartments for Sale in NYC fit in well with the city’s landmarks such as the United Nations headquarters, Grand Central Station, the decorous Chrysler Building, the Rockefeller Center and the famous Bloomingdale’s. One-of-a-kind pubs and coffeehouses and fine dining at its best are found here, along with the top entertainment.

The Midtown East Manhattan Condominiums for Sale are in the center of the action, in the heart of the bustling New York NY Real Estate, but living in one provides a “welcome home” atmosphere. The quiet residential streets offer multiple parks and recreational opportunities, yet they are steps away from exciting attractions and a thriving nightlife. The New York Manhattan historical sites are among the most renowned, and people-watching from the balcony of your own Manhattan Apartment is fascinating. So when planning a move to New York, claim a prestigious address in one of the many Manhattan Condominiums for Sale in Midtown East.

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Manhattan Apartments News & Blogs

After stepping into the Manhattan apartments at Park Avenue Place, people know that they are going to be treated to a purely ostentatious experience that those seeking the most exclusive living spaces would expect. To learn whether this is true or not, you only need to walk into the kitchens of these apartments for sale NYC. It’s true that other buildings in Midtown East have great amenities, but you will only find upscale European cabinets that match the black granite countertops perfectly in the Manhattan condos of Park Avenue Place. The recessed lighting that illuminates these gorgeous countertops is hidden from view, and those who are unaware of this fact believe that something magical is happening as you turn your lights on and off.

The apartments for rent NYC at 441 East 57th Street have ceilings higher than 20 feet. This height is unprecedented in Manhattan, since ceilings in the other buildings don’t come close to being 20 feet high. People seeking apartments for sale NYC will have the choice between one of four duplexes, one triplex or the building’s only penthouse. The floors are made of maple wood and have swanky charcoal stains, and this is the cause of the brilliant shine that is reflected from the sun. As the natural light enters through the enormous floor-to-ceiling windows, every one of these Manhattan apartmenrs becomes a bastion of radiance.

The NYC apartments for sale in this building have an atmosphere that is both comforting and alluring, and this is by design. They wanted these apartments for rent NYC to be havens for residents after they spend a long hard day climbing the corporate ladder. The materials used within came from all over the world, and the kitchens of these Manhattan apartments showcase this fact wonderfully. Once inside, residents will enjoy the sight of their countertops made of Basaltina stone from Italy and floors with large 18-inch tiles made of granite from Brazil. The kitchens in these NYC apartments for sale also have backsplashes made of tempered glass, but they are unlike anything that people will find in the other buildings

If it means that people who build their New York NY real estate on solid rock are making a wise decision, then those who find Manhattan apartments for rent in the Three Ten Condos would be in this class of people. This condominium building in Midtown East Manhattan is a glass tower that was built atop five stories of limestone, and its height makes it a part of the famous New York City skyline.


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