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Harlem Apartments Condos

  • 1400 Fifth Avenue
    Few Manhattan Condominiums for Sale are located in an area of such New York City history as the 1400 Fifth Avenue condo, situated in some of the most prime Harlem Real Estate. 1400 Fifth Avenue in Harlem is one of the new energy-efficient Harlem Manhattan Apartments that...
    From: $489,000
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  • 2280 FDB
    Although the 2280 FDB Condo is situated in one of the hottest sections of Harlem Real Estate, the address is not what makes this such an incredible value. 2280 FDB in Harlem stands out among other Manhattan Condominiums for Sale by its distinctive style, artistic flair, as...
    From: $650,000
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  • 5th On The Park
    5th on the Park in Harlem is one of those rare examples of prime Harlem Real Estate that offer a complete package unlike so other locations in the area. The 5th on the Park condo distinguishes itself from other Manhattan Condominiums for Sale by combining luxurious...
    From: $440,000
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  • 88 Morningside Avenue
    The 88 Morningside Avenue Condo, situated in the heart of prime Harlem Real Estate, is one of the most elegant up-and-coming Manhattan Condominiums for Sale. 88 Morningside Avenue in Harlem creates a new art form in the elegant marriage of both contemporary aspects melding...
    From: $465,000
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  • Apex Condominiums
    The Apex Condominiums located in the heart of an exciting Harlem community is just one example of what prime Harlem Real Estate has to offer. Apex Condominiums in Harlem stands apart from other Manhattan Condominiums for Sale by the incredible attention to detail in the...
    From: $525,000
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  • Conrad Condominium
    The Conrad Condominium, located in one of the most coveted parcels of East Harlem Real Estate, is famous due to its impeccable pedigree of the architectural design of world-renowned Canadian firm, Karl Fischer Architect. Conrad Condominium in Harlem rises eight stories...
    From: $419,000
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  • Kalahari
    The Kalahari Condo is an example of prime Harlem Real Estate that is distinguished from all other Manhattan Condominiums for Sale in Harlem. The Manhattan Apartments in Kalahari are part of an environmentally-conscious structure that is unlike any other in New York City....
    From: $299,000
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  • Observatory Place
    When it comes to standing out among Manhattan Condominiums for Sale, few locations can match the Observatory Place Condo. Harlem Real Estate has become increasingly hot, and Observatory Place in Harlem is one of the main reasons why. This unique building is composed of some...
    From: $535,000
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  • Pascal Condominium
    The fact that the Pascal Condominium in Harlem has so many restaurants and spacious gardens close by is not all the building has to offer its residents; these people also enjoy several conveniences that give living in a condominium building in Manhattan its special charm....
    From: $430,000
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  • PS90
    The PS90 Condo was built before the war, so this condo has the charm and elegance of the past, a notable history and modern enjoyments that make living in a luxury condo desirable. At its location of 220 West 148th Street in the center of Harlem, these Manhattan...
    From: $558,000
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  • SoHa118
    One of the newest buildings that is selling Manhattan Condominiums for Sale is the SoHa118 Condo that is located at 301 West 108th Street in the neighborhood famously known as Harlem. As people walk into this Harlem Real Estate, they will first be greeted in the lobby of...
    From: $515,000
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  • Strivers West
    It would appear that no other Harlem Real Estate is as aptly named as Strivers West. What puts these Manhattan Condominiums for Sale in a league of their own is the fact that it set the bar to its highest point for all the most luxurious condominiums in the area in 2008...
    From: $475,000
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  • The Douglass
    Douglass-Luxury Apartments for Sale in Manhattan, at 2110 Fred Douglass Boulevard Harlem, New York City NY  
    From: $760,000
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  • The Langston
    One of the latest in Harlem Real Estate is the Langston where luxury Manhattan Apartments are on sale. The Langston condo is located at 68 Bradhurst Avenue in the neighborhood of Manhattan’s Harlem. These Manhattan Condominiums for Sale are coveted for the feeling of warmth...
    From: $499,000
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  • WA Condominiums
    Everything wonderful that Harlem has to offer is practically right in the backyard of the WA Condominiums in Harlem. This Harlem real estate is located at 2201 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard in Manhattan. Although the outside of the WA Condominiums appears cold with the...
    From: $500,000
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  • Windows On 123
    A true gem has been discovered in Harlem Real Estate that stands out amongst the current crop of Harlem Manhattan Apartments; the Windows on 123 in Harlem is a newly built condominium that contains some of the most desired comforts and sophistication that do not shrink when...
    From: $530,000
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Harlem Apartments For Sale Or Rent in Manhattan N.Y.


The old adage “everything old is new again” aptly applies to the area of Harlem and its reemerging New York NY Real Estate (search MLS) market. Emblematic of its multifaceted, multicultural history, pre-war brownstones and Harlem Manhattan Apartments for Rent or sale have once again emerged as an attractive place to invest in New York NY Real Estate. Buy Manhattan Condominiums for Sale in Harlem signs and advertisements are increasing in visibility.


With its African-American roots to the west, and Latin-American roots to the east, prospective buyers will find cultural cohesiveness, cultural intrigue, and a close-knit community feel when selecting any of the new construction Apartments for Sale in NYC currently available in Harlem. Nearby landmarks such as the Apollo Theater are close by; the area is also highlighted by neighborhood markets and shops. Harlem Manhattan Condominiums for Sale are a fitting selection for buyers looking for authentic New York NY Real Estate.


Harlem’s prestige is in its historical richness, and the history is reflected in its stately charm of New York NY Real Estate neighborhood. Whether it’s brand new construction Manhattan Apartments  in a statuesque high-rise, or pre-war brownstones that stand at more than 100 years old, both options offer an infectious old world feel with a fresh, modern look. Many of the Harlem Manhattan Condos for Sale offer modern upgrades that enhance its urban appeal.


Features like crown molding and hardwood floors can be found throughout many of the newly renovated pre-war brownstones. Recessed lighting, upgraded living spaces, and spectacular views make any of the available Apartments for Sale in NYC, Harlem, a fantastic find. Potential buyers motivated by the Harlem Manhattan Condominiums for Sale  advertisements will find specific interest in the blend of old and new that makes Harlem a prime New York NY Real Estate to purchase a home.

Once downtrodden with declining popularity, Harlem has reclaimed its position in the New York NY Real Estate market. Prospective homeowners looking for an exceptional location to take up residence will be eager to savor all that Harlem consistently offers. The site of the extraordinary Harlem Renaissance and the legendary birthplace of Salsa music, Harlem’s place in American history and culture increase the value of its available new construction Manhattan Condos for Sale and other properties.


What also makes the Harlem's Luxury Apartments for Sale in Manhattan unique is that many of the shops and local markets are within walking distance of these homes. Harlem's Apartments for Sale in NYC offer fabulous urban living, while connecting residents to surrounding restaurants and exciting nightlife. Advertisements with the focus to buy Manhattan Condos for Sale in Harlem will continue to increase in visibility; available New York NY Real Estate options in the area will continue to increase in demand. One shouldn’t count on availability lasting for long, however. The “old and new” concept of today’s Harlem will continue to draw in interested buyers until the demand exceeds the supply.

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The apartments for rent in NYC that have just come on the market are located at the Harlem Windows on 123, and these homes are unrivaled. The units are New York NY real estate that is unlike any other in Manhattan because the style they exude is unlike any other in the area. People seeking a new luxurious home will find it at 117 West 123 Street between Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard and Lennox Avenue. People will know they have come to the right place when they see the distinctive glass and steel building of these Manhattan apartments for rent or sale in New York NY real estate.


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