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East Village Apartments Condos For Sale NYC

  • 123 Third Avenue
    Manhattan’s East Village real estate market is home to a lively nightlife, a fantastic music scene and several outstanding art galleries. It’s also home to a tremendous selection of restaurants and shopping destinations. As a result, it’s not surprising that the East...
    From: $3,500,000
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  • 137 East 13th Street
    Located in Union Square, one of New York's most well-known neighborhoods, 137 East 13th Street in East Village is conveniently located with access to many restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues. Although newly constructed, 137 East 13th Street condo is surrounded by...
    From: $1,395,000
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  • Blue
    The Lower East Side Village is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Manhattan. With so much new construction, the area is growing by leaps and bounds with cutting edge design making it an exciting place to be. East Village condos are no exception to this boom of growth. The...
    From: $17,950,000
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  • One Ten Third
    The One Ten Third condo complex, in the northwest corner of Manhattan’s East Village at 110 Third Avenue, is the brainchild of the Greenberg Farrow design firm and luxury home builder, Toll Brothers. An architectural masterpiece, as pleasing on the outside as it is plush on...
    From: $2,295,000
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  • The A Building
    If you are decide to look at available East Village condos , you must visit the The Building Condo at 425 East 13th Street. It is a prime piece of East Village real estate , located a short distance from Union Square and Grammercy Park. The Building condo is an eight story...
    From: $615,000
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  • Village Green
    The East Village of Manhattan is one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States right now. East Village real estate regularly goes for record prices as new condos and apartments are constructed each year. The Village Green condo is one of the East Village’s...
    From: $860,000
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East Village-Unique Neighborhood of New York City


When one discusses the many unique neighborhoods found in New York City (search MLS), there is no way to avoid mentioning the New York NY Real Estate in East Village. East Village Luxury Apartments NYC For Sale  offer people the chance to live within one of the most incredibly diverse and history-rich areas of New York NY Real Estate. While there are many Manhattan Apartments for Rent  or sale, few offer the chance to live in the area that produced such incredible cultural icons as Andy Warhol and The Ramones.

Those looking to buy or rent a Manhattan Apartment in East Village know that the area is more than just a part of history. There is constant progress being made in the area, with high-end boutiques springing up that draw shoppers from all parts of the city. When you buy luxury Manhattan Apartment in East Village , you find yourself buying a way of life you cannot find anywhere else.

Many of the East Village Manhattan Condos for Sale are designed out of some magnificent old-school dwellings. When you buy apartment in East Village surroundings, you find yourself living with a dazzling blend of old-style architecture combined with modern amenities, truly giving you the best of both worlds. Those individuals with enough real estate savvy to know an incredible opportunity when it presents itself usually set out to buy Luxury Apartments for Sale in Manhattan, East Village neighborhoods.

New York NY Real Estate in East Village neighborhoods is growing more popular by the day. Part of this stems from the fact that, although the East Village has a well-deserved reputation as being part of the exciting nightlife scene, it is also considered to be one of the most prized residential areas of the city. When you buy luxury Manhattan Apartment in East Village , you live in a part of the city that is unlike any other. The Luxury Apartments NYC for Sale in East Village area are attracting potential tenants from all over the country.

Those looking for the chance to live in a place where history was made often look at the East Village Manhattan Condos for SaleNew York NY Real Estate in East Village dwellings is competitively priced, and out of all the Luxury Apartments for Sale in Manhattan, only the East Village properties possess the cross-generational charm that attracted everyone from Don DeLillo to The Talking Heads. When one buys luxury Manhattan Apartment in East Village, value and a rich heritage are combined in one package.

A fascinating aspect for those who buy Luxury Apartments NYC for Sale in East Village New York NY Real Estate is the way formerly gritty elements have been transformed into incredible family-friendly establishments, from trendy restaurants to elegant Japanese establishments. Somehow, this part of New York City has managed to retain the hipness that made it famous with a strong sense of neighborhood and community, designed to bring people in from around the world.

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Even though condos in the East Village are in a chic location, people aren’t really aware of their existence. It’s a travesty that luxury Manhattan apartments in lower Manhattan are being overlooked because people who purchase these Manhattan apartments for sale NYC would be so close to the wonderful attractions described above.

If your NYC Real Estate agents have not shown you these homes, you need to ask them to do so right away. These Apartments for Rent or Sale in NYC will only increase in value because they offer residents much more in the way of amenities than just a place to rest their heads at night; they increase the appeal of the 123 Third Avenue in East Village Manhattan Apartments Condos.


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